5 Essential Elements for Crafting an Irresistible Vacation Rental Listing

5 Essential Elements for Crafting an Irresistible Vacation Rental Listing

In 2022, 74 million tourists chose Orlando as their vacation destination. What's the impact of this on the tourism industry? A 31% increase (over 2021) in money spent on accommodation and entertainment.

Have you seen an increase in bookings for your vacation property? If not, it could be your marketing strategy.

To start, look at your listing from the eyes of your potential guests. If you were looking for a rental, would you click on your listing?

Creating an appealing vacation rental listing is the secret to attracting guests. Read on for five elements of a great listing.

1. Use High-Quality Listing Photos

First impressions are critical to encourage people to click on your listing. Blurry or uninteresting images don't make a good first impression. Make sure you use high-resolution photos.

Your listing should include a variety of photos that showcase your property's best features. Make sure to use interior and exterior shots.

Guests will want to see the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. Don't forget the other living spaces like the living room and balcony or patio.

Consider hiring a professional photographer who can create top-quality listing images.

2. Guests Look for Detailed Property Descriptions

Make sure you give people enough information to make an informed choice.

Write a compelling and informative description that highlights your property's unique features and amenities. Don't forget to include:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Number of guests you can accommodate
  • Proximity to area attractions
  • Outdoor features (pool, hot tub)

Mention WiFi if it's an amenity you offer your guests.

3. Be Clear on Pricing and Availability

Your listing should state the rental price per night and week. Mention cleaning fees and security deposit if applicable.

Show the availability of your property. If it's seasonal or you have blackout dates, state that in the listing.

If you offer discounts or special promotions, include those in your rental advertising. Clarity about pricing can help put more of those tourism dollars in your pocket.

4. Tell Guests How to Book Your Vacation Home

Guests want an easy booking process. Without a clear way to make a reservation, guests may move on to another property.

Include your process and policies in the listing. Include clear contact information for inquiries and bookings.

Consider using a reputable property management company. It will take the weight off of your shoulders. Look for one that specializes in short-term rental marketing.

5. Use Guest Reviews and Testimonials

Positive testimonials can help build trust with prospective guests.

Leave a comment card in a visible location and ask guests to fill it out before they leave. Encourage guests to review their stay at your property.

When guests leave online reviews, make sure to respond. Addressing concerns and answering questions shows your commitment to guest satisfaction.

Need Help Creating an Appealing Vacation Rental Listing?

Everything you do to attract an eye to your property listing can result in more quality bookings. We've shared some of our best tips. If you need more help creating an appealing vacation rental listing, we'd love to talk to you.

Here at PMI Orlando, we specialize in property management and vacation rental marketing. We're local and understand Orlando's unique vacation property market.

Reach out today and let's work together to maximize your marketing strategy.