5 Tips for Optimizing Your Vacation Rental Occupancy Rate in Orlando, FL

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Vacation Rental Occupancy Rate in Orlando, FL

While those lucky enough to own short-term rental accommodation in Orlando are better off than most, everyone experiences periods of slow business throughout the year. Even popular hotels have times when business tapers off.

Nobody can hope for 100% occupancy all year round, but there are ways to minimize these ebbs and flows in bookings. All you need is a couple of tried-and-tested tricks up your sleeve.

Check out these ideas for optimizing your vacation rental occupancy rate in Orlando.

1. Create Appealing Listings

Every vacation listing benefits from an occasional upgrade. Be sure to update your listings regularly with new photographs and information, especially if you've made recent improvements to your vacation property.

Highlight your home's appeal with professional photographs, videos, drone footage, or 3D tours. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to work on a property description that describes your home in irresistible terms.

Your vacation property listing is your first chance to engage with guests and draw them in, so it's the most important part of any marketing campaign.

2. Cast Your Marketing Net Wide

At least 40% of travelers are influenced by social media when making booking decisions. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are excellent visual platforms for marketing your property and engaging with potential customers; use them all.

Linking these accounts ensures you get maximum exposure for minimum effort and caters to social media users across a range of demographics.

Place your listing on all the most popular online travel sites, like Bookings.com, Airbnb, and VRBO. Listings are free, and you only pay a small percentage of your income in commissions.

3. Use Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing means adjusting your prices according to seasonal trends, supply, and demand. Competitive pricing always helps increase bookings and can prove profitable if you keep your expenses in mind.

You can get an idea of what prices to charge at different times of the year by checking your competitors' prices regularly. Be sure to compare properties located in the same area and with similar amenities.

4. Embrace Last-minute Bookings

Last-minute bookings are inevitable across the travel industry, so make provisions for them. Lowering your prices and decreasing your minimum stay rules closer to check-in days helps encourage last-minute stays.

Other tactics include turning on instant bookings for available rooms and replying to inquiries immediately.

5. Maximize the Guest Experience

It's worth going the extra mile for your vacation guests. Those who feel appreciated and pampered during their stay are bound to post glowing reviews about their vacation.

An immaculately clean, well-maintained, and beautifully furnished apartment is a good place to start. Nice touches include:

  • A welcome basket
  • Information pack
  • A courtesy call during their stay

Be sure to post any positive reviews you receive on your website and social media pages.

Get Expert Help With Optimizing Your Vacation Rental Occupancy Tate

Hiring a property manager is the best strategy for optimizing your vacation rental occupancy rate. These real estate experts can help you market your property effectively, price your stays correctly, and create unforgettable experiences for guests.

PMI Orlando is backed by a growing franchise with over 20 years of experience in Florida real estate. We know all the tricks when it comes to making the most of your short-term rental.

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