Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacationers

Do you own a great home in Orlando? The city has seen an explosive growth in full-time residents, and also continues to attract tourists as always.

This brings a big opportunity if you want to share your home with vacation guests. This is a great way to make extra income on the side. If you keep at it, you might even be able to build a full-time rental business.

This guide will share the best home sharing tips for Orlando landlords.

Here's what you must know:

Preparing Your Home

Your first step should be to understand your requirements as a landlord. Once you've understood your legal obligations, you're ready to prepare your home for vacation guests.

Even though these are short-term stays, you must still treat your guests as if they're full-time tenants. Make sure you conduct a property inspection to ensure there is no damage to the property. Make any repairs first before inviting guests.

You must thoroughly clean the property beforehand. If your guests are staying for a long vacation, consider hiring a cleaner to come when they're out of the house.

Being a Great Host

The next step is to plan ahead on how you'll host your guests. Since you'll be sharing your home, you'll cross paths with your guests every now and then. You must first respect their privacy and not intrude at all times.

However, there are certain times when your guest will want you around. For example, if they have a long stay, they'll expect you to come around to replenish supplies. This will include bath towels, bedsheets, kitchen towels, etc.

Your guest is on vacation and shouldn't have to worry about doing all the tasks themselves. They'll have to be expected to do some tasks like laundry, but otherwise, you should look after them.

Promoting Your Home

Once you've prepared your home and trained yourself to be a host, you're now ready to seek guests. The best option is to promote your property on vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb or VRBO.

Make sure you hire a professional photographer for the listing. You also must take time to prepare your listing description. In the description, you'll want to highlight the attractive features of the home. These include:

  • How close is it to the city's attractions?
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Amenities available (pool, technology, internet speed, etc.)

If you follow these steps, you're ready to start renting to vacationers. Work towards being the best host you can be, and you'll build a successful rental business.

Follow These Home Sharing Tips

Master these home sharing tips, and you're ready to get started. Focus on preparing your home first. Then, learn what it takes to be a great host. Start promoting your home and reach out to potential vacation guests. You can hire a property manager to help you.

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