How to Capitalize on "Revenge Travel" via Orlando Vacation Rentals

How to Capitalize on

We've often been told that revenge isn't the way to go, but it seems that many travelers are keen on the path of revenge travel!

Since the reduction of travel due to the pandemic, many travelers have gone stir-crazy being at home for so long. They now want to travel more than ever, and this has been dubbed "revenge travel."

If you have a property in Orlando, you can take advantage of this phenomenon and offer it for short-term rentals.

Here's what you should do:

Consider Using a Rental Platform

There is a surplus of vacation rentals in Orlando due to its long-standing popularity as a tourist destination. The best way for your property to stand out is to use a rental platform.

With these platforms, you can offer short-term rentals for your Florida vacation home. You'll post your listing, and the guests will book their stay via the platform.

The platform can also assist you with marketing and resolving disputes. Airbnb remains one of the best options for vacation rentals.

Rental Upsells

Another strategy for standing out is to offer rental upsells. This refers to offering extra features to make your vacation property more attractive. Let's explore some of the possible considerations.

For example, you can presume that many of your guests will want to visit Disney parks. You can offer them tickets or discounted products for Disney parks.

If your neighborhood is bike-friendly, consider buying a bicycle for your guests to use. If your guests are digital nomads, offer the fastest internet service possible.

Best Practices

Let's end with some of the best practices you'll need for your vacation rentals in Orlando.

You must get your property cleaned regularly. Even when your property is occupied, you should hire a professional company to clean it.

Make sure you inform your guests that the cleaning company will stop by on occasion. At a minimum, the cleaning company should come at least twice per month.

The next step is to conduct maintenance checks. Before renting your property, make sure all appliances are working. Double-check your fuse box, A/C unit, etc. Replace light bulbs if needed.

As a host, make yourself available to your guests. Send them a message on occasion to see if all is well. If there's an issue with the property, you should be able to help them with a moment's notice.

The final step is to get to know Orlando better. Understand why tourists are visiting the city. Use this information to offer your guests suggestions on what they can see and do!

Make the Most of Revenge Travel

Now you know how you can take advantage of revenge travel for your vacation rentals in Orlando.

Start by using a rental platform to promote your listing to potential guests. This is the best way to market your listing and also protects you from potential conflicts.

Use rental upsells to help your property stand out. By studying travel trends in Orlando, you can decide what your guests will want from their trip.

The next step is to hire a property manager to handle your vacation rental. With over 20 years of experience, PMI Orlando can help you!