5 Ways to Attract People to Your Vacation Rental Property in Orlando, FL

5 Ways to Attract People to Your Vacation Rental Property in Orlando, FL

Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, with over 74 million people traveling to the city in 2022. Many of these people would rather book a vocational rental home than stay in a hotel. While the market thrives, you need a vacation rental property to attract these vacationers.

Follow these five tips and attract more people to your vacation rental.

1. Take Professional Quality Images

You need to have professional-quality images of your vacation rental. People are highly visual, so they will move on if the pictures don't entice them. This becomes even more important when you list your property on vacation rental websites.

Using poor-quality images is one of the most common mistakes that first-time vacation rental owners make. They don't realize that bad pictures

2. Highlight Proximity

Orlando is a unique vacation rental market because it is known internationally for an overwhelming number of tourist activities. To attract people to your rental, you must highlight its proximity to these activities in your vacation rental marketing.

It does not need to be anything elaborate. Instead, you could simply list the major attractions' physical distance or driving time. This will entice people who already know what they want to do.

3. Showcase Amenities and Services

Stand out from other Orlando vacation rentals by creating added value. Showcase the included amenities and services in your vacation listing. This is one of the essential elements of your listing because it entices people to book your rental over another.

These amenities are selling points that can create desirability. Perhaps your property is on a lake, and you have canoes or kayaks that your guests can use. Or your property is in a community where guests can access parks, pools, and game rooms.

4. Positive Reviews

One way to increase guest bookings is to have other rental guests leave positive reviews. They could talk about the quality of the rental, the amenities, and customer service. People look for reviews because it is an outside party vouching for your rental.

Ask guests about their rental experience after they leave to get positive reviews. Have guests write reviews on the different platforms where you list your vacation rental.

5. Leverage Social Media

Entice people to book your vacation rental with social media marketing. This is effective because you can create experiences through your social media posts. This allows your followers to imagine themselves at your rental.

You can also use social media to take advantage of trending topics or travel seasons. Build excitement for upcoming events, such as theme park events, concerts, or annual festivals.

Attract People Vacation Rental Property

You need to optimize your property listings to attract more people to your vacation rental property. Start with high-quality images. Showcase the amenities, services, and proximity to the most desirable tourist attractions.

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